How To Make Money Selling Graphics Cards On eBay

The used computer parts market is huge with new opportunities appearing every day. There is money to made selling CPU’s, keyboards and Graphics Cards. In this blog we will focus on how to make money selling used Graphics Cards on eBay.

As with all business ventures it will take some research and little bit of patience, but there is a lot of money to made in this market.

GTX 1060 GPU

Why should you sell GPUs?

GPUs are great to sell because there are loads of opportunities to make money in this niche. New and improved GPUs are always coming out on the market. This results in a lot of older second hand GPU’s being sold cheaply on online auctions. If you are quick and know what you are looking for, you can snap up and resell GPUs to make extra money.


Which brand should you focus on when reselling?

The two biggest brands in the GPU game are AMD and NVIDEA. NVIDEA’s GeForce RTX has dominated the high-end GPU market for many years, with only now AMD starting to gain back market share with their Radeon series.

However, NVIDEA is still mainly the leader in the high-end GPU market which makes them very popular in the gaming community. When looking at budget models AMD have the upper hand, by being able to outperform NVIDEA at the same price point.

A popular second hand NVIDEA GPU is the GTX 1060. You can see the price data and auction analysis for that item here. The GTX 1060 is a great mid ranged GPU and is very popular among gamers for its reasonable price and high performance.

A popular second hand AMD GPU is the AMD Radeon R9. You can see the price data and auction analysis for this item here. Likewise, it’s a great budget CPU on AMD’s side and makes a great purchase for gamers.

Ultimately, when choosing a brand, it comes down to your own budget and the products you are able to acquire. Both brands have huge audiences and a sizeable second hand market.

Where to buy used GPUs

Sourcing a GPU’s is a very important step in the journey of reselling GPUs. Great markets to source form are eBay, Gumtree and Facebook selling groups.

You can use our service to find current live auctions of GPUs that are selling under the market rate. This way you don’t have to spend as much time scouring the web and instead can use your time researching and listing products on eBay.

Estimate the price of the GPU

You can find the average price and many other price data about your desired GPU by using our free service. We track the live and finished auctions of many items to aid you in your reselling journey.

Selling your second hand GPU’s

You can resell you GPU’s on a variety of different platforms, however, the most important thing when selling, is to look for the market that will offer you the best returns.


eBay is great because it gives you access to a huge audience with no marketing or advertising cost. It also allows a variety of listing formats such as auctions, BIN listings and reserved prices auctions.

Make sure you adequately describe the condition and specifications of the GPU, so that buyers can be fully confident with their purchase. Also make sure to take pictures clear of the product, so that people can get a good sense of the state of the item.


Amazon, just like eBay has a huge market for GPUs. They also offer competitive seller fees and can be a great alternative to selling on eBay.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a great way to advertise your GPUs to potential buyers. When making your post on Facebook remember to take good photos and adequately describe the quality of the GPU with all of its specifications.

Game/Cex/store trade ins

Shops like Game and CEX offer Cash for electronics. Just keep in mind, these shops tend to offer a reduce trade in fee for your products, as they have to make money. Because they resell the items themselves and need to make a profit.


Selling Graphics Cards on eBay is a great way to make extra income. Graphics Cards will always have a market as long as people continue to buy and upgrade their computers. As with all things it takes a little bit of time and patience, however if you are dedicated it can be a lucrative venture.

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