How To Make Money Selling Comics On eBay

When cared for properly, comic books are a great investment since they will almost always appreciate in value over time. Anybody can make extra money selling comic books on eBay. All it requires is a little research and some careful planning.

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Brands to look for

Comic books that hold the most value will be comic books from the most popular brands. These brands will have more fans and their characters will be more well known, thereby increasing your profit. Here is a list of the most popular brands.

Condition of comics

Marvel Comics Wolverine

Before you make a purchase of a comic book you need to do some research.

It’s important to identify the condition the comic book is in. A ‘mint condition’ comic, one that is as good as new and unopened, is the Holy Grail when it comes to comics.

It has only been in recent decades, that comic books have been recognised as a collector’s item. However, older issues are likely to have been read and used by the person who owned them.

In this market, any and all wear and tear on a comic book will reduce its value. This can work for or against you when depending on weather you are buying or selling comics on eBay. If you notice any folds or dents on the covers, tears in the pages or worn-down ink, its likely this comic book will not sell for much.

If you purchase a comic book and it is not in the best condition, you can restore or grade it, to increase its value and make money selling it on eBay. The term grade is used to describe the condition a comic book is currently in.

If you are a beginner, it is probably best to have your comic book graded by a company that specialises in that area.

Grading can be a very subjective thing, so when buying comics make sure that the sellers grade matches up to your understanding of the grading term.

Where to buy comics

eBay is great place to source comics because of the number of comics that are listed daily on eBay. This gives you lots of opportunities to find deals and capitalise. You can also look around at local auctions, car boot sales and Facebook selling groups.

Many professional comic book flippers scour eBay daily for people selling comics in bunches or lots.

Finding collections is your best to make money in this niche, however always keep in mind that you will be competing against the pros.

By buying lots you are able to purchase hundreds of books at once, then to relist individually. You can make anywhere from 1.5 to 3x your money following this strategy and that’s why its so popular.

Our free service can help you beat the pros. We display price data and live auctions for you desired comic, so that you can spend more time buying instead of searching.

Selling your comics

Finding out how much you comic is worth can be tricky. Its important to note its grade, the year it was made and the characters it includes.

A good rule of thumb is that the more movies have been made about a certain character, the more likely it will be that their early comics will be more valuable. However, it is important to note that the vast majority of comics published in the past 30 years sell for around 50 cents each.

Your first avenue to selling your comics should always be eBay because of its huge marketplace. eBay also gives you access to a huge audience with no advertising cost. List your comics on eBay either in an auction format or buy it now format. If it doesn’t sell or garner any interest, its better to use local avenues.

Local avenues such as Craigslist, Facebook and Gumtree will help you offload books faster and still ensure that you are making a reasonable profit.

Start making money on eBay

Making money by selling comics on eBay can be a lucrative venture, however, comics that sell for such a large amount of money are few and far between. Many of the comics selling for that much are extremely old, therefore making copies in good condition nearly impossible to find.

While it is possible to make money selling comic books on eBay, it requires a lot of time, a lot of knowledge, a lot of research, and a lot of patience.

You can use our free service to aid in your reselling journey.

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