Find Out the eBay Average Selling Price of Your Item

Find out the eBay average selling price of your item

Finding the average selling price of products on eBay is great for flippers, resellers and people just looking for a good deal. For sellers in particular, having price data is always a benefit as you are able to quickly identify trends, opportunities and make better business decisions.

Finding out the eBay average selling price of your item is easy and can be done in seconds using our free platform. Go to our home page, type your desired item in the search box and click search!

How does it work?

Within moments, you can generate the analysis for your product and see the data for various statistics, such as the high price, low price, trend, sales volume, average selling price and much more.

Not only do we give you data for the item you searched, but you how your item ranks against other similar items in its category. This draws a big picture of the current climate your item is currently in and helps you see alternatives.

How can BidInfinity help you?

Our platform is a multipurpose tool capable of fulfilling the needs of many different sellers and their strategies. Here are a few ways our platform can help you in your eBay business.

Our Features

Summarised price data

We display the summarised price data for your item. This gives you a quick overview of how your item is performing in the marketplace and if it is suitable for you. This includes…

  • High Price
  • Low Price
  • Average Selling Price
  • Trend
  • Units Sold /week
  • Revenue Sold /week

Know your history

The price history graph displays the selling price of the item in the past and helps you identify trends and potential buying opportunities.

Price History BidInfinity

See Sales Volume

The Revenue and volume chart displays the volume of sold auctions and revenue of the item for a specific time period. This aids users in analysing if there is a market for this specific item and how many buyers there might be for that specific item.

How does your item rank?

The market share gives insight into how this item competes against similar items in its category while item comparison enables you to analyse how your item ranks against its competition.

Know your competitors

This data allows you to see they top sellers for a specific item, and how much of the market share they currently hold. You can use these insights to adjust your strategy of selling inventory.

Find deals in seconds

Live auctions that are selling under the market rate are displayed for your item. This allows users to find potential buying opportunities in a short amount of time.

How to get started with BidInfinity

Simply, go to the home page and start a search to generate the data. Once you have done that, BidInfinity automatically populates the page with information for you, and you can start your analysis.

The best part? All of this takes no more then a few seconds and a couple of clicks.

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